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3 Days Swat Tour Package

3 Days Swat Tour Package is ideal deal for short getaway. This tour itinerary is designed specially people visiting Swat from Islamabad. However MAKEMYTOUR offer variety of tour packages from other cities of Pakistan including Lahore and Karachi whether they are planning to visit Swat by air or by road. Airport transfer, luxury transport and accommodation cost is included in this tour. MAKEMYTOUR offer luxury hotels in Swat in this tour. MAKEMYTOUR offers 15+ Swat Tour Packages.

3 Days Swat Tour Plan/Itinerary

Day 1: Mingora
In 3 days tour to Swat valley. Your first-night stay will be in Mingora and you will see these places on day 1: Saidu Sharif, Fizaghat Park, White Palace.

Day 2: Malamjabba
Day 2 sightseeings: Malamjabba tour

Day 3: Departure For Islamabad
After visiting Behrain you will be departed for Islamabad.

Swat Trip Cost

Standard Package Cost

Peak Seasonal rate: 95,000 (April to September)
Off Seasonal Rate: 
75,000 (October to March)
Hotels in Standard Package:  
Swat Continental Mingora or Similar

Deluxe Package Cost

Peak Seasonal rate: 120,000 (April to September)
Off Seasonal Rate: 
100,000 (October to March)
Hotels in Deluxe Package: 
Rockcity Resort Fizaghat

Executive Package Cost

Peak Seasonal rate: 140,000 (April to September)
Off Seasonal Rate: 
110,000 (October to March)
Hotels in Executive Package: 
 Sarena or Burj al Swat Hotel

Bahrain Swat

Swat Tour Guide

If you’re planning a 5 days trip to Swat Kalam, here are some things that you can do to make the most of your time!

On the first day, you can explore the town of Kalam and visit the stunning Lake Mahodand. Make sure to take a boat ride and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

On the second day, you can head to the Ushu Forest and hike to the top of the mountain. The views from the top are simply stunning!

On the third day, you can visit the enchanting Malam Jabba Ski Resort. Go for a ski or simply enjoy the snow-capped mountains.

On the fourth day, you can explore the picturesque valley of Bahrain. Don’t forget to take a dip in the refreshing waters of the lake!

On the fifth day, you can head back to Kalam and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this small town.

So, these are the must visit places during your swat tour.




Terms & Conditions

Cost doesn’t not include meal.
Driver’s meal and accommodation will be offered by MAKEMYTOUR.
Cost includes Transport (Corolla Car/vehicle/Jeep where ever needed).
Hotels are subject to avalibility till final conifrmation.
Prices maybe different as hotel and transport rates change frequently.
Please bring necessary documents with you e.g CNIC, Passport, Marriage Certificate etc…

Price: 75000 PKR

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